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Not a fan of crowded public swimming pools? Set up a swimming pool in your own garden by building!

Have you ever thought about quitting your water workout because of how crowded your local swimming pool is? Maybe you have always dreamed to turn your garden into a relaxing oasis for your friends and family? Turn your garden into a private spa with a swimming pool under a canopy or in a garden building to enjoy both – private water workout sessions and relaxing retreats all year long. All garden makeovers, including the installation of a swimming pool and the wooden structure, require proper preparation and planning, therefore, keep reading this article to find inspiration on how you can change your garden and your workout routine by installing a swimming pool in your garden.

Use your swimming pool all year long

One of the main benefits of a private swimming pool is that you can use it whenever you want it! Literally whenever – even when it’s raining or snowing! With a little help from a wooden structure, you can significantly change the way you use your garden swimming pool. Build a canopy to keep leaves and bugs out of your pool or erect a veranda with sliding glass walls to turn your garden swimming pool into one that you can use all year round.

Benefits of a garden building with sliding glass walls

A garden building or a veranda with glass walls is a great addition to a garden in terms of design. However, properly insulated, this wooden structure can significantly change the way you use your garden swimming pool:

– A closed structure ensures that the water in the pool cools down less quickly;

– You can swim all year long – weather conditions won’t affect your water workout session;

– The sliding glass walls can be opened as soon as the weather is getting warmer.

When it comes to finding the perfect canopy or veranda for your swimming pool, it is important to pay attention to the size and the functionality of the structure. Perhaps you want to set up a gym area as well or maybe you need some additional storage space?

Are you ready to turn your swimming pool into one that you can use all year round, but not completely sure about the right design? Take a look at and create your bespoke design with 3D-Configurator.


Create Extra Living Space in Your Garden

Are you short on space at home? Don’t have enough space for storage? Is your home lacking a guest room or a room for your hobbies? If you are well aware of one or more of these issues, I’m sure you have spent a lot of time thinking about potential solutions. But remember, that the best solutions are often simple! Lately, more and more people choose to erect a wooden garden building not only to complement their garden but also to create extra living space. If you want to learn more about how a garden building can help you to solve the issue with lack of space, keep reading this article!

Summerhouse – your personal garden office

One of the reasons why somebody suddenly needs additional space at home is the opportunity to work from home. Of course, working from home can offer many advantages, still, it is not necessarily ideal for everyone.  Sometimes it is quite hard to motivate yourself, especially if somebody else is in the house – your wife, kids or parents. Besides, a living room or bedroom environment does not positively affect productivity. One of the easiest solutions is to turn your garden building into a garden office. Properly insulated and equipped, it will serve as a perfect working space all year around!

Garden building – a guest room

Every year, during the festive season, all you wish for is a larger living room or an extra guest room? If this lack of space issue reappears only at times when all your friends and family visit you, the ideal solution is to extend your living room into your garden. Whether you choose a one-story summer house or a large holiday home, you will be able to organize memorable family gatherings for years to come!

Garden building – a playroom for the children

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a playroom for your children or grandchildren? Children would get a wonderful place where to learn and play, while you would in turn get extra space left in your house. Additionally, you can store all of the toys in the garden building, which means fewer toys and mess at home!

Would you like to add extra living space to your home? Take a look at and choose your perfect garden building!

Maxilia handdoeken laten bedrukken, vakkundig en scherp geprijsd

Wist je dat er een jaarlijkse viering van de handdoek is, een Towel Day? Wat is er dan mooier niet met een doodordinaire handdoek aan te komen, maar eentje met opdruk of zelfs borduursel?
In het sciencefiction meesterwerk ‘Het Transgalactisch Liftershandboek’ van de schrijver Douglas Adams wordt de handdoek omschreven als één van de meest nuttige voorwerpen in het universum en ter ere van de schrijver wordt er op 25 mei elk jaar in diverse landen een heuse handdoekendag georganiseerd. Ik ben er nooit bij geweest, maar ik kan me levendig voorstellen dat de deelnemers elkaar zullen proberen af te troeven met de mooist gedecoreerde handdoek.

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