Many people would like to enjoy their garden throughout the entire year. There a several ways to achieve this, even in hard rain and stormy, cold weather. You can decide to increase your living area by buying a pavilion. When buying a pavilion, you can choose to have it open or closed. You will always be warm, dry, and protected from the wind in an enclosed pavilion with glass sliders.

A pavilion with glass sliders offers a number of other advantages:

  • It provides flexible protection from the wind. You can always open or close the sliders when the pavilion gets too warm or too cold.
  • A pavilion will change the way the light enters your house.
  • You can have your pavilion and the glass sliders made to size.
  • It creates a warm, cozy atmosphere.

A pavilion with glass sliders can be connected to your house, but there are several free-standing options as well.

Your pavilion becomes part of your house and garden

Buying a pavilion allows you to enlarge your living area and enjoy your garden year-round. A pavilion also shows off your house and garden from a completely different angle. Customizing your pavilion is entirely up to you. Choose any size you want, large or small. Do you prefer a romantic, modern, or rustic style? A pavilion with or without glass sliders?  Enjoy all the seasons in a beautiful pavilion.
Glass sliders will give you a view of your garden throughout the entire year. Lugarde offers a wide range of pavilions with optional glass sliders. Visit