Have you found a log cabin that perfectly suits your needs? If so, the next big decision you have to make is related to the assembly of your timber structure. When it comes to assembling a log cabin, you can either do it yourself or assign the assembly to professional builders. Of course, each of these options has its own advantages – if the former allows you to save up some money and carry out a DIY project, then the latter can ensure a fast assembly and a professional finish. Are you in doubt if you can really assemble a log cabin yourself or you’re worried that it’s too exhausting to do it on your own? The truth is that it can be a very exciting thing to do, especially when you understand the process! Therefore, keep reading this article to find out all you need to know about assembling a log cabin yourself!

Prepare the base

Like any other construction project, the log cabin assembly process consists of sequential steps and stages. The first stage in assembling a log cabin consists of the following steps: preparing the site, levelling the ground and building a foundation. To prepare a strong and durable foundation for your log cabin, start with cleaning up the area where you want to set up your timber structure. Cut off the trees if it’s necessary, and level the ground – you might also have to redo a flower bed or rearrange some garden décor to free up space for your new garden building. Once it’s done, the final step of the first stage is building the log cabin base. Feel free to choose the log cabin base according to your preference – as long as it provides good drainage and corresponds to the size of your log cabin.

Log cabin installation

When the log cabin base is prepared, you can start assembling the timber structure. Of course, the installation process requires certain skills and equipment, however, the manufacturers have developed easy-to-assemble construction systems to make the installation process fast and easy. At this stage, the most important thing is to follow the assembly guide. Always start with the foundation beams, then continue by building up the walls and the roof. When the structure is finished, start installing the doors and windows. The most important things at this stage are accuracy and precision – if you make sure that the grooves and tongues fit perfectly, then the result won’t disappoint you.

Insulation and paint treatment

When the timber structure is assembled, the final stage is to finish the interior and exterior. If you have planned to install insulation and an internal floor, this is the right time to do it. You can also install the rain gutters at this stage and treat the timber with an appropriate paint treatment to protect the structure from the sun, wind and rain.

Would you assemble a log cabin by yourself? Or would you ask for professional help? Either way, remember not to rush with the process and do it properly. Meanwhile, if you’re still looking for the perfect log cabin, take a look at the log cabin range at www.lugarde.com.