Do you hate dealing with a messy garage? Is your garage large enough to store bicycles, garden furniture, and even a lawnmower, but somehow there is never any storage space left? Clutter is usually the biggest issue in terms of maintaining a garage neat and tidy. Decluttering and organising a garage full of unnecessary things, accumulated for years, can be a real challenge. If you are ready to challenge yourself and get rid of all the things that only make a mess, keep reading this article to find out how to keep your garage organised and obtain more storage space.

Spacious garage cabinets

To have a neat and clean garage, you definitely need to start with the big clean-out. When you are done with that, you can start organising!

If you want to store a lot of things in your garage, including bulky garden furniture and bicycles, as well as small garden tools, it is important to find a place for every one of them. For the bulky things, you will need a free floor space, therefore install garage cabinets for all the tools, boxes and cords, for example. When choosing the right garage cabinets, remember to buy both small and tall storage cabinets for the small items and the larger tools as well. This way you will maintain your garage space organised and clean. Moreover, you will always know where to find the exact tool you are looking for.

A garage wall organiser

To open up the floor space even more, so you can easily park your car and store a lawnmower, you have to get the most out of wall space. One of the best and easiest solutions is to install a garage wall storage panel.

Can’t find room for your bike in your garage? Garage wall storage panels are great for tools, but to save the floor space, you can use the wall storage systems for storing your bicycles as well. With an indoor bike storage hook or a ceiling storage rack, your bike will always be safely and neatly stored.

A timber garage is a diverse timber structure. You can both park your car there and store all of your belongings. If you are struggling to maintain your garage clean and organised, equip it with a garage storage system. If you are still looking for the perfect timber garage, discover the range of highest quality garages at