Naturally, you want your summerhouse to last as long as possible in optimal condition. There are different ways to ensure this. As well as staining and a good paint treatment, there are various practical tips that you can follow to extend the using-life of your summerhouse.

These tips include:


  • Ventilation

    Many people forget that it is important to have ventilation in your summerhouse. Moisture can get inside through the flooring. You can fit ventilation grilles – the best solution is to have one at the front and one at the back of your summerhouse. Fitting these grilles will counteract condensation.

  • Fit door hooks immediately after your summerhouse is assembled

    It is advisable to fit your door hooks straight away after you have assembled your summerhouse. That way, your doors cannot suddenly blow open and your windows and door will not be damaged.

  • Wood needs space

Wood expands when it is humid. A 14cm plank can expand by roughly 1.5mm. A summerhouse that is around 15 planks high can soon expand by 2.25cm. You therefore need to make sure that the wood has enough space to be able to expand. You can use screws and nails to ensure that the wood can move easily.

  • Use gravel to counteract splashing rainwater

    Spreading a layer of gravel around your summerhouse protects it against splashing rainwater. If you do this, the wood will rot less quickly and stay dry, and your summerhouse will last longer.


Still having problems with rotting wood or mould?

If mould or rot still appears on your wood, it is often advised to remove the wood to combat the rotting process. You can remove the rotten wood using a paint scraper or screwdriver. The wood needs to be coated with dry rot treatment. Once it has dried thoroughly, the wood needs to be treated with impregnation agent. These products are available from local DIY shops.

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