When choosing a log cabin, it’s important to not only choose the right construction system, design, and finish but also the right window type. Even though the windows seem like a small detail, they are important both for the longevity and the overall appearance of the log cabin. In terms of longevity, high-quality windows won’t bend and rot, ensuring that the timber structure will last for years, and the overall appearance can be enhanced by the right type of window as well. But how to choose the right windows for a log cabin, both in terms of quality and style? Keep reading this article to find out the top tips for doing exactly that!

High-quality windows

Thinking in the long-term usually means investing in high-quality products and this, of course, applies to the windows for your log cabin as well. But how to distinguish high-quality windows from poor quality windows? The first thing you must pay attention to is the quality of timber. For log cabins, it is recommended to choose laminated timber frame windows with the thickness of at least 56mm to provide maximum protection and prevent wrapping. In addition to that, windows of the highest quality are also equipped with adjustable hinges.

Double-glazed windows

If you plan to use your log cabin all year round, the first thing to consider is the isolation. However, in this case, the double-glazed windows are equally important. Of course, double-glazed log cabin windows won’t be the cheapest option, yet this is definitely a feature that you should look out for. Double-glazed windows are a great addition to an insulated log cabin because the extra panel of glass reduces the heat loss, while also blocking the cold air from flowing into the log cabin.

Window types

The right style of windows will definitely enhance the look of your log cabin. However, when choosing the right style, it’s also important to decide what purpose the windows will serve, namely, deciding on the right size and the type of window opening. Therefore, if you intend to use your log cabin as a garden office, it’s recommended to enlarge the windows, while, if you plan to use your log cabin as a storage area, fixed windows are an option. In terms of the window style, the main thing is to create a compatible look. Therefore, if you opt for a log cabin with a classic style, choose French-style casement window, but, if you are going for a more contemporary look, choose slim frame top-hung windows.

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