A great way to categorize dog names and narrow down the selection of dog names to choose from is the way the dog looks. Even if your dog is not yet living with you, you probably know what breed it is and how he is going to look like. So that is a great way to look for dog names. You could look for good dog names for black dogs, for example. Of course, you don’t just want aby name for black dogs, it needs to be a good one. And the only one who can decide if a black dog name is good or not, is you. You need to like the name because you are the one who has to use it for the rest of the dog’s life. So with any good dog name for black dogs you choose, make sure that you really like the name.

You can follow the same strategy if you are getting a white dog. You can also use more characteristics of the dog. You could look for dog names according to the gender of the dog. So you could look for something like boy dog names for white dogs, for example. This will filter out every dog name that is not a fit for your dog anyway and it will make the search for a dog name a lot easier. Just look through as many dog names as you want and sooner or later you will find the right name for your dog. A good strategy is to say the different names out loud, this helps you to get a better feeling for the different dog names and the final choice will be a lot easier.