Solar panels are becoming more and more popular as a source of energy in many households. Have you ever wondered why solar power has been so popular lately? The main reason for their popularity is that solar panels are great for incorporating renewable energy in the overall household energy consumption. In addition to that, their growing popularity is also based on low maintenance costs and low energy bills. Because of that, more and more log cabin owners choose solar panels to provide electricity for their garden buildings. Keep reading this article to learn more about powering your log cabin with renewable energy!

Off-grid power for log cabins

One of the main problems that can be faced when building a log cabin or any other garden building, is getting the electricity into the timber structure. There are two main options to choose from – the first one is supplying the electricity from the house, the second is to provide an off-grid power source like solar panels. While traditionally the most popular option has been the first one, off-grid power sources have been getting more and more popular among log cabin owners, because of the simple installation and low long-term maintenance costs. In addition to that, using solar power is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

The roof of a log cabin – the perfect location for solar panels

When you decide to invest in solar panels, the main thing to consider is the planned location of the power source – the more sun the solar panels get, the more power is produced. Therefore, there are a few aspects to keep in mind when choosing the right location – the direction (where the most sunlight is received both during the summer and winter), the shaded areas (the trees and branches) and the access (the panels should be cleaned occasionally). One of the best options is to install solar panels on the log cabin roof. This way you get the maximum sunlight all-year-round and provide an easy access to perform the maintenance work.

Are solar panels the right choice for my log cabin?

Is solar power the right choice for you if you’re not living in the south and if the amount of power you consume in the log cabin is pretty low? In terms of the region you are living in, solar panels are suitable for colder climates as well because the power is produced from the sunlight, not the heat.  Regardless of how you use your log cabin (a guest house or a garden office) and how much power you consume, the solar panels are worth investing in – because the investment in renewable energy almost always pays off in the long term!

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